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Operating Systems

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Mac OS

Office Applications

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Web Design Classes

CIS 105 -
Intro to
Web Design

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Web Databases

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CIS 101 -
Mac OS

CIS 134 -
Using iLife

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CNT 105 -
Computer Networking

CNT 114 -
MS Windows Operating Essentials - Administratiuon

CNT 117 -
Microsoft Windows
Directory Services

CNT 118 -
Implementing a
Microsoft Windows
Network Infrastructure


CIS 185 -
MS Project

CIS 186 -

Computer Science Classes

Comsc 100 -
Introduction to Computer Science

Compsc 100L -
Introduction to

Computer Information Systems
Spring 2013

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Program Goals and Objectives

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) curriculum as outlined herein provides a comprehensive program designed to prepare students with broad technology skill sets required by careers in any of the many industries that comprise the economic backbone of Contra Costa County, such as Manufacturing, Information Technology (IT), Financial Services, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Construction, etc. CIS jobs go by a variety of titles, including applications developer, programmer analyst, software designer, customer support specialist, help desk technician, workstation support specialist, database designer, database analyst, database security, network control operator, network security administrator, internet developer, webmaster, internet systems integrator, among others. Completion of this degree or the certificates will provide excellent preparation for a student interested in a career in a variety of industries in any of those job categories.

Students will acquire basic occupational competencies enabling them to perform the duties of Information Technologies and Management workers as identified by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  1. Provide technical assistance and training to computer system users.
  2. Investigate and resolve computer software and hardware problems of users.
  3. Perform the duties demanded in any modern office environment.
  4. Design and maintain static and dynamic web sites.
  5. Integrate elements such as graphics, animation and streaming media on web sites.
  6. Develop and implement database systems for stand alone or internet based deployment.
  7. Use technology to manage multi-faceted projects.

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