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CIS116 Microsoft Office Specialist (Excel 2007) Syllabus

Class: No mandatory physical meetings

Class Schedule

Class Time: 24 Hours a Day

Prerequisites: Windows and Internet experience.

Units: 2 Units

Materials required for Class:
Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Illustrated Complete by Elizabeth Eisner Reding, Lynn Wermers. ISBN 13: 978-1-4239-0522-6
You may get the book at at the SRC Bookstore.
-MS Excel 2007. Get very inexpensive Office Pro here.
or a 60 day free trial here.

Course Objectives:
This course will prepare students to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Exam for Microsoft Excel 2007. This course will cover all the topics specified by the MOS Program - Expert Level. Upon completion of this course, students may take the MS Excel MOS Expert Level Exam at any Authorized Testing Center (ATC). Students passing the Exam will receive an Industry Certificate stating that Microsoft Corporation considers them an Expert in MS Excel.

Course Competencies:

  • Getting Started with Excel
  • Building and Editing Worksheets
  • Formatting a Worksheet
  • Working with Charts
  • Working with Formulas and Functions
  • Managing Workbooks and Preparing Them for the Web
  • Automating Worksheet Tasks with Macros
  • Using Lists
  • Analyzing List Data
  • Enhancing Charts and Worksheets
  • Using Analysis Tools
  • Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables
  • Exchanging Data with Other Programs
  • Sharing Excel Files and Incorporating Web Information
  • Customizing Excel and Advanced Worksheet Management
  • Programming Excel Macros Using VBA

Course Work:

Labs - Step by Step tutorials taken from the textbook chapters. You will download a set of student files that will allow you to complete the chapter exercises consisting of a series of Independent Challenge Assignments. To SUBMIT your work, email me with your attachment.

Tests - There will be an online Midterm and Final.


You need to determine if the class is going to be CR/NC (Fill out form in Admissions) or Letter Grade. The Labs and Project are TOOLS to help YOU understand how to use MS Excel. The grading is based on COMPLETION!! I would love it if you did all the hands on labs, skills reveiws and challenges because REPETITION is what is going to allow you to learn the different functions of MS Excel.

I will use a point system based as follows:
Lab Submissions: 80%
Midterm: 10%
Final: 10%

I will then assign grades using the following formula:
90-100% of Total Number of Points = A
80-89% of Total Number of Points = B
70-79% of Total Number of Points = C
60-69% of Total Number of Points = D
Less than 60% = F

Credit (CR) is equal to a C or better
No Credit (NC)is equal to a D or less

Cheating and Plagiarism Policy:
Don't do it…Consider this…If you are going to go pay $$ for the MOS test, do you really want to have faked your way through the class? You are taking this class to learn about Microsoft Excel. If you cheat, what have you learned. If you don't learn anything, WHY take the course?

The DVC Student Code of Conduct is posted on the DVC Website and applies to students in both face to face and online courses.

Withdrawal from Class & Grading Option Dates:
If for any reason you need to stop attending the course it is YOUR responsibility to contact the admissions office and withdraw from the class. If YOU stop attending the course and do not drop and your name shows up on the FINAL Class Roster, I am required by DVC policy to give you an "F". Enrollment Dates are located on the DVC Schedule and at the DVC Website. Also see our class schedule for important dates.

Student-to-Teacher Communication:

Students are welcome to email me at anytime.
I am BIG on maintaining an OPEN 2-way line of communication with each of you.

Contact me if you have ANY questions.

  • Problems with lab assignments - contact me
  • Problems with technology - contact me
  • Problems with time management - contact me
  • Basically keep me in the Loop!

Student-to-Student Communication
Is student-to-student communication allowed?
YES! Use the Discussion Page on the WebCT site. If you know the answer to a classmate's question please feel free to answer. In the real world this is like walking over to the cubicle next to you and asking your colleague if they know how to...(question concerning Excel!)

If you have not been receiving email from me and you are registered for this class, click here to send me your email address.

There are NO bad/silly/stupid/dumb etc, questions...if you do not know - you do not know...period. So ASK!

That's It! If you have any Questions just Email me