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Some students have asked me to post a little information about myself so here it goes...

I was born and raised in Berkeley, Ca and have lived in the SF bay area my entire life. I have traveled frequently to Mexico to visit family and I have had several other interesting travel excursions.

My parents were the owners (but are now retired and sold the business) of Mario's La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant, in Berkeley (2444 Telegraph Ave - 3 Blocks from UC Berkeley) and during my first career I was in the restaurant business for many years. No the restaurant was NOT named after me - I was named after it...Yes that is right my middle name is La Fiesta! :)

So after doing the dishwasher, cook, waiter, bartender, manager, general manager and night club manager thing and running 12 hour days and no weekends for 14 years - I decided to change careers.

BUT what career to change into?

Even when I was in chef school - I would take computer classes for fun so I started exploring the possibility of working in the IT field. After much pondering and with the encouragement & support of my family - I went back to school to study computers and information systems. Many classes later I actually graduated!!

After college I went to work at a software company as a hardware & software tech, a network tech, a programmer, a help desk tech (yes, the person who answers the phone when you call for HELP!!) and finally as a trainer. After 6 years the company was bought out by a bigger company in Washington state. I was offered a job with the new company but I did not want to move - this Mexican doesn't do too well in cold weather - I prefer that DRY heat.

I spent the next 2 years as an independent consultant working for the Contra Costa Water District and the non-profit organization, IFES - the International Foundation for Election Systems but now known as International Foundation for Electoral Systems (

IFES is the world’s premiere election assistance organization, providing countries with the technical advice and tools they need to run democratic elections.

My first assignment was to South Africa to help with the 1994 Nelson Mandella elections. Yes I met him and he was as close to me as you are to your computer BUT there were 27 bodygaurds between us!

A year later I returned to Ghana - West Africa and worked for the Electoral Commission for 3 months.

Finally upon returning to the USA - I was hired by the college in 1996 and so here I am!!

I am Happily married and the pround Dad of 5 kids, 2 granddaughters and 2 grandsons (so far!). I enjoy hanging out with my wife (Jennifer is a Communications Instructor at DVC), reading, watching movies (below is a picture of Jen & our 2 youngest kids on our way to see Star Wars on Christmas Day!), travel, Baseball, Basketball (actually most sports), and I still love to cook - that is Chef Gabby (black coat) showing me how to make a Spring Fruit Tart!

Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy my classes - Mario Tejada Jr.

My Photos:

Top Left - That is a picture of me in 1996 - Currently, I have less hair and more grey!! :)

Top Right - I roasted some Hatch, New Mexico Green Chiles that I got from a Friend!! Very Good ;)


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