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Spontaneous Human Combustion is real.


Concealed gun permits reduce crime.


What happened to Jimmy Hoffa?


Who killed John F. Kennedy?


Are humans, by nature, monogamous?


Are vitamin pills necessary?


Fraternities and sororities do not serve a useful purpose.


Criminal tendencies are genetic.


Cultural images of beauty are used against women.


Do Americans have a credit card problem?


Can restaurants refuse to serve alcohol to pregnant customers?


Are our college laboratories unsafe?


The elderly are overmedicated.


Are American diplomats adequately trained?





Family friendly companies are more successful.


Multicultural education is better than traditional curricula.


Women, children and the elderly receive unequal protection in court.


Generic drugs are better than name brands


Studying abroad provides a better education.


Bilingual children have an educational advantage.


Laughter is beneficial to your physical and emotional health.


Hybrid cars are a better alternative to traditional cars and SUV’s .


Lowering the voting age to 16, and requiring high school students to attend classes on the political process and personal financial accountability, would improve voter judgment, not only in younger voters, but the judgment of their parents as well.


Mandatory voting is better than the voluntary method.


Regular sodas are healthier than diet sodas.


Eliminating dairy products, especially milk, from your diet is better for your health.


“Smart gun” technology is the best way to prevent accidental gun deaths.


Persian rugs are superior products and worth the money.


The New York Yankees are good for baseball.


Nutrition in schools has declined leaving our youth out of shape and on the fast track to serious health problems.


The penny is a costly and irrelevant form of currency that needs to be eliminated.


Privatizing Social Security is the best way to deal with the Social Security crisis


Small town communities are better places to live.


Casinos are detrimental to the communities they are in.


Private schools are better than public schools.


Is the jury system ineffective?


We would benefit from learning a second (or third) language.


College Theater productions are a better overall experience than professional theatre.


The agrarian based school calendar is outdated and ineffective.  A modified year-round school calendar is superior.


Netflix is a better way to rent movies.





Alcohol should be banned at all sporting events.


We should participate in mentoring programs.


Amateurs should be banned from climbing Mt. Everest.


Should fast food restaurants be held legally responsible for their customers’ obesity?


Animal acts in circuses should be banned.


We should volunteer.


The United States should put more effort into establishing a more powerful military with the volunteers it now has, rather than resort to a draft.


High schools should make volunteerism a requirement for graduation.


Should we be saving more money than we do now?


We should adopt a grandparent.


Couples should limit their families to one child.


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